Monday, 10 February 2014

Our Wood fire Pizza Oven is Installed!!

Our Wood fire Burning Oven is now installed, This picture is the very first time it was started up while work was still going on in the restaurant, Really excited to share this with you all. We made Pizza with Nanas Special Sauce, ( Megan Salerno ) Our very first Pizza Naples Style was tested on the BBC Film Crew & Russell Norman while filming The Restaurant Man, Megan & Russel even Handed out to the members of public of Gravesend Kent, Happy to say Everybody loved it and it was the first time many of them had tried Traditional Italian Pizza from a wood burning oven. We were very happy with the positive feedback from every one, That are now excited for us to open. Looking forward to you all paying us a visit and experiencing our traditional Italian food. See you at Il Padrino Gravesend. The Salerno Family. 


  1. Just watched Restaurant Man on bbc. How sad that Toni did not choose to listen to the advice given. Great idea great family but can't see it ever opening. Shame please use your brilliant family to make it h happen.

  2. Also watched the programme .... you're not a London restaurant so of course you're not expected to plan every last detail!! But Dio Cane...que cosa aspettiamo!! .... I'd walk a million miles for one of those pizzas .... so come on, get a bloody move-on so we can pile on down e assagiar'lo..... and good luck!!

    1. It's true he's not in London, but he really only planned 5% of what he should have that's why he still isn't open. Have you noticed the absence of a menu on the website? With 10 days to go & with a wish I hope of enticing booking, all he can show is a wood burning stove and a reference to a family run restaurant with a family recipe.

      It was clear to me that it wasn't family run as Enzo over a period of 10 months did his best to exclude his family and at times alienate them.

  3. I would hate to work for or with Enzo. Due to his stubborn ways and inability to listen to genuine people trying to give free unbiased help, he has saddled his family with massive debt. Of all the programmes so far he of all people had all the combinations that could have led to success. Really great wife and two terrific sons and daughter. A prime location in an up and coming town. A premises he owned instead of renting. Great family recipes and a skilled chef. Good parking nearby and a lot of passing trade.
    What does he do? he fritters it away to the point where I'm surprised his lovely family still back him.

    I really hope it is a success for his family, but Enzo at 62 still appears that he hasn't learned any lessons in life.

  4. However I would definitely like to try the pizzas as they look great. I hope the restaurant survives its debts and Enzo's inevitable meddling.

  5. siete una famiglia simpaticissima, vi auguriamo un grande successo. Per favore mandate Enzo in pensione ha lavorato tanto nella sua vita e si merita un riposo.
    auguri Vittorio e Janet

  6. Hey John John W,

    Enzo is one of the sons.

    Not the father, who is called Tony.


  7. Sometimes you have to be allowed to do your own thing in your own way, in your own time! Suspect Tony and family will be having the last laugh when, after all the “ifs, buts and maybes”, they open, and have every man and his dog (Italian Spinone, obviously) - who have now been keeping an eye on progress from afar - queuing around the block for a taste of their no doubt, lovely Neapolitan-style pizza. Not everything has to be done the 'London way', or indeed, to somebody else's tune/plan. Things normally progress, and happen for a (good) reason, it's just that in mainstream life, we have been brought up and indoctrinated to believe otherwise. So the next time you're 'fleeing' to some secluded spot in Italy, where life is slower and more relaxed, ask yourself why! All the best… I can’t wait to try the pizza! WOOF!!XXXX (slobbery ones)

  8. Yes definetly need a website this cannot be your finished website - however RATHER then pay all in cash come talk to me and we may be able to get some of it paid using new customers that we bring to your restaurant - its called bartering adverise at the petrol station & - yes i am Italian born in Sicily Tony Miceli 07860 378982

  9. I'm sure we are all looking forward to hearing lots more about you USP kiln / oven and how it used and fuelled in your media?

    What wood are you using?
    How long did it take to dry-out to use?
    Is it hardwood or soft wood?
    Is it wood chips or planks?
    Is the wood and its journey your restaurant sustainable?
    Has the wood just been grown to burn?
    Is it local wood from Gravesend or from Brazilian rainforest ?
    Is it recycled wood (and free of old lead paint)?
    How do you filter all the smoke?
    What do you do with the waste ashes?

  10. Now remember some may be a put on for the Camera ... and its good to see someone follow his dream passion even though there is clearly a lack of knowldege in the restaurant trade ... but best results are sometimes from mistakes ....good luck and with open minded kids to help him you never know 1 restaurant today a chain tomorrow ..Pizzas look great cant wait to try one

  11. Good luck. The programme was entertaining if frustrating. I have friends in Gravesend so I'll come in for a pizza.

  12. Toni....I hope for the sake of your family, you follow Russell's advice and accept some help with completing this project. A guiding principle in managing a business is getting things done through other people. To make a success of this restaurant, you must let the family have their say and input, but it strikes me that Antonio has the right personality and attitude to make a success of managing it. If you agree with that, he should be given responsibility to take over from you and let you enjoy seeing your family make a success of this venture. If you can't loosen the reins, it is unlikely to succeed. Good luck to you all.

  13. Hello The Salerno Family

    Well, having recorded and just watched the programme, (literally, two minutes ago as I type this) I went to a search engine and found your blog. So, I've now read that, despite delays in the 'project', you are now open!

    I live with my wife over in Buckinghamshire and we've never been to Gravesend in our lives. But now we have a reason to go there. We're vegetarians most of the time, never eat meat, but do, very occasionally eat tuna. So we hope that your menu has some nice veggie options! As Italians love fresh veg. I'm sure you will have pizzas that will knock our socks off!

    I'm not going to say anything about the frustrations of the programme; Tony is headstrong but having had a wonderful Italian hairdresser myself I accept their limitations. (Only kidding!) Great lovers, great family people, and great 'people' people. So, I can cope with their stubbornness!

    Megan; I'm sure you will do us proud with your recipes and we can't wait to eat your food! Just make you sure have some authentic Italian ice cream for us for our dessert please. :-)

    We wish you well with your venture; as lovers of Italy, their cuisine and their gusto for life we can accept a bit of stubbornness. We will be with you later in the year; best of luck with your venture.

  14. Thank you So much for your kind words. You & your wife are Always welcome here. Take Care. Tony.

  15. Heard some bad things about this restaurant if it is a restaurant can I just say that before you open a restaurant you must have a plan must otherwise that's what happens and as in the program the restaurant man tried to help but as usual tony would not listen I myself would never serve food that was not fresh I can't believe all the comments I've been reading tony you need to get your act together and start listening to people who have done this sort of thing before this place will not survive trust me.!